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Take advantage of our expert tile installation, repair and replacement services for households and businesses.

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For the perfect wall, ceiling and floor, we provide expert tile installation. We have a high level of productive efficiency and time efficiency. We deliver superb results in very little time. We work with absolutely all types of materials, to give our customers a vast range of possibilities. We engage in all sorts of projects from the most basic to the most complex and complete them perfectly.

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We give you an absolutely beautiful, perfectly practical and extremely durable finish. Our company is a leading tile installer. All of our technicians have undergone extensive professional training and have vast experience behind their back. We work with dexterity and precision to give you a finish with flawless component alignment and composition. We can handle even the most complex of tasks such as covering narrow corners or areas with peculiar shapes.Tile Installation

We, at "Drywall Repair Norwalk", cater to the need of residential and commercial customers and take up projects of various sizes and levels of complexity. We are experts in flooring installation and in giving you flawless bathroom and kitchen walls. We can provide the perfect finish for a commercial space of any size and shape. All of your requirements will be fully met by our dexterous and dedicated specialists. 

Our job is to turn your ideas into functional and beautiful indoor and outdoor areas and we do it exceptionally well. We work with absolutely all types of materials irrespective of their make, size and brand. Whether you want classic porcelain pieces for your kitchen or rust limestone tiles for your patio, we will give you absolutely everything you expect and even more. You can rely completely on our expertise.

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that the finish which we install will last for a long time to come. We use special precision techniques and the finest materials including grout of top quality. After we are done with a bathroom tile installation project, for example, cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze. You will be able to keep the finish in perfect condition with minimal effort.

Our service range includes broken tile repair and replacement. We deal with minor damages as well. We can provide the perfect repair in case of deep scratching, minor dents, water damage and mold. We restore the condition of the affected floor, ceiling or wall completely. Since we are specialists in drywall repair, we cover all types of other finishes as well. We can fix plastering and coverings. You can count on us completely in case of an accident or issues which have piled up over a longer period of time.

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